Amal (also known as Jamil Attah) is an arabian child molester who also enjoys revising for over 9000 hours a day and playing FIFA with N.E.A.1. Amal is the discoverer of the mental illness known as baitness. He works part time at the scientific institute for Binnock-ock but is too busy complaining about South Norwood to get much work done. It also possesses wings for catching prey and escaping/embracing awful jokes. It generally survives solely on shitty grime songs.

Real Name

It's real name is undetermined, as it was born into captivity. However, a recent Tree Maker-Park has revealed it's full name to be:

Amal Akill Akbhar Caslah Amael Mohakma Sallahk Islaa Jala Akeem Bakirr Attah Allah

or in Arabic,

اسمي وأحب أن أثني على الناس بخير بلاه نفس الكلب الغذاء العشاء زوجة الشمس الحارقة انه لطيف للإسلام باكستان لكرة القدم بسكين

Jamil/Neal Theory

Some scientists believe that because Amal and N.E.A.1. are never seen in the same place they must be the same person leading double lives as two different fiends. Professor Key devised an equation to help understand the situation:

\begin{equation} Jamil = Neal \end{equation}
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