The 157 used to operate here before the 410 raped it to death

Anally (also known as Anerley) doesn't actually exist. It is a mere illusion created by it's inhabitants during the war. What is known as Anally is basically a hill with some tarmac painted on leading from Games Gee's shack to Crystal Fallace Station Road Street Avenue. At least 100 years ago it was considered an upper-class place to live in but now it is nothing but a dilapidated council estate with a few added chicken shlops for Games Gee and Amal to feast at lunch. The only traces of Win in Anally are generated by the Brute which rampages it's way past and disappears into the bowels of South Norwood. The general public recently voted that they'd rather spend a night in a worm-infested invalid yeast brothel than Anally.

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