Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission is one of the most fail ridden inventions in the history of forever. Like meddia it is another way for making invalid furrys feel like they are capable of anything other than eating their own shit. It's so basic that a 2 week old foetus could master it in 5 minutes. An accurate diagram of the automatic transmission system is depicted below:


Passing your driving test in an automatic is the equivalent of operating a toaster. It has been discovered that over 90% of automatic drivers between the ages of 17-19 are DTEC studiers.

Fun fact

If you show an Automatic Car Drivver a clutch it will inversely rape itself and be sucked into a mass vortex of fail, similar to that of dividing by zero. Any autofaggit car drivvers are secretly ghey and fancy Hitler eight times a day.

Granmericus License V2