Badders is a 1337 sport invented by primitive grandmas to take their minds off teh war. It involves a racket, a shuttlecock, a court and a net. The object of the sport is to tell as many Bad Jokes as possible whilst probably swinging the racket around or something.

1337 Meet

Every tuesday, four out of a possible over 9000 Fiends meet to attempt to play this sport at Harris Ockademy. The dress code is nothing, however if it's cold, tighty wighty shorts are permitted. The attendees include 358 Quasheem, 410 Kareem, 227 Imran and Hilario Watre Federation. In terms of skill, they all rank higher than it did on the fail list. It is rumoured that the legendary N.E.A.1 was once in attendance, however it cannot be proven because the invalids present have the memory span of a Games Gee.

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