Little is known about Binnicles (derived from the term binoculars) but it is generally believed be an event caused when it commits the act of binnicles in public. After a recent study by the Scientific Institute for Binnock-Ock it was recorded that on average over 9000 acts of binnicles are commited every day. 90% of these acts have resulted in dangerous levels of carbon mon-Ockcide emissions which threaten the lives of many innocent people in the vicinity.


The origins of binnicles date back to approximately 4 years ago when element A and element B first encountered each other. Since then element A has developed a strong bond with element B which in late 2008 spiralled out of control resulting in the beginning of binnicles as we know it today.

It is believed that the first act of binnicles (formerly known just as binoculars) took place around news years eve of 2008. Various top secret sources suggested that, through the process of elimination, element A had manifested into a half fiend half predator hybrid that suffered from severe mental frustration and anguish. After aquiring a set of binoculars element A commited said act which instantly produced unprecidented amounts of Ock into the atmosphere and practically causing all of global warming, aids and fail known to man. Thus the incident was forever branded as the Binnicles incident which is now known today as binnicles.

Binnicles Betrayal

See binnicles betrayal

Formula for binnicles

After careful examination at the Scientific Prostitute Institute for Binnock-ock it has been discovered that this is the theoretical formula to create an act of binnicles:

\begin{equation} A + B = Bn \end{equation}


  • A = element A
  • B = element B
  • Bn = Binnicles

The formula has recently been added to the A Level Maths Core 2 syllabus.

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