Binnicles Betrayal

Binnicles betrayal is a potentially lethal-and quite common-occurence involving element A and a newly discovered element, hereby known as element z. During this outbreak, element A releases a shocking attack of Ock Code Red proportions behind the back of element B, potentially harming the non-existent relationship between the two. Scientists are worried about the dangerous levels of carbon mon-Ockside released by this new outbreak, as it is currently in quite high competition with the original binnicles event. Another name for this phenomenon is inverse ock.


Binnicles betrayal has existed since possibly just after the birth of binnicles. element A is known for being aggressive, horny and creepy a predator, and so scientists agree the possibility of a binnacles betrayal was inevitable. Other times, scientists at the Scientific Institute For Binnock Ock have alerted the ghey authorities that there are numerous instances of false binnicle betrayals. At these times, element A has been observed to be DOING IT WRONG by trying to produce ock with other non-effective substances, such as N, H, Ni, C, M, K, Ka, Mm, Wi, St, Cl, D, V, P, Da, Am, Ki ,Sh, S, T, E, Mi, R, J, Jo and L. With this, they came to the conclusion that element A ultimately phailed and can only act out binnicles with the unwilling assistance of either elements B or Z.

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