The Brute is the ultimate bus a.k.a the 410. As well as having the classic characteristics of a brute, being wide, loud and frequent; it also runs on pure win and eats over 9000 cars a minute. Last thursday, a law was passed that made it illegal to not praise the brute.

The Brute
Propaganda for The Brute

How to praise the brute

  • Automatically give way to it's bruteness on hearing/seeing it.
  • Catch it at least 10 times a day, even if it's just one stop.
  • Marry it
  • Move house to get a better look of it everyday
  • Wave to the specially designated Drivver of the Brute. If you don't, he will be consumed.

The choice

A famous quote by 358 Quasheem:

"There comes a time in every man's life where he must choose between the drivvmobile…and the BRUTE!!!"

This quotes shows the importance placed on the Brute, in that it can easily replace the 1337ness of a drivvmobile.

Facts about the Brute

  • In any given square mile, there is at least 8 brutes present, visible or not.
  • The brute has never been more than 13 seconds behind or in front of another one of its species.
  • It is known for bullying less 1337 buses, such as the 196, 249 and 358
  • Although it's route to Gheydon contains massive amounts of phail, the frequency, width and loudness of the brute makes up for it.
  • The government recently announced the making of a further 400 brutes in the next second.

The Route of Bruti

Bruti (Plural for Brute), take the shortest and most straightforward route possible from Crystal Fallace to Bollington, as shown below:



During the war VIIIIIII, the Brute first gave birth to itself circa 1801 under the supervision of Dr. Shpielwheels. Many a folk utilised the brute senior to collect their war tuppence and invalid prescriptions. Here is an ancient etch of the original brute senior:



The Brute has a staple diet of many enemy buses and drivvmobiles alike. The average brute consumes upwards of 3 drivvmobiles in the space of two seconds. On specially designated treaty-poo days, the brute consumes ±12 358s, π 196s and ø 249s.

The typical diet in a food pyramid:


Out for lunchypoos:


The incident of 18/05/09

One Jackus Insane proved that the Brute is immune to the 1337ness of new Chevrolets by actually making it reverse. This was the most resistance any brute has ever shown and showed they could be tamed under the correct circumstances. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME AS YOU WILL FAIL.

Granmericus License V2