Chisbot IRL

Chris (aka Christopher Robin) is an obsolete robot built in the 1940s by Hitler. He (or it) often shows his robotality by asking the strangest questions in the universe to humans. Most of the time he fails to grasp simple human concepts such as not going 150mph down a motor way or doing a driving test in a ferrari. His malfunctioning persona is most likely due to shitty chinese wiring and a build up of internal rust generated from thinking he is human and drinking lots of water.

After a recent study it was shown that everybody hates Chris. Channel Feiv even made imported a TV series based off of his life. When the producers asked Chris about how he'd like to be portrayed he told them he wanted the character to reflect his Jamaican roots. (please note that Chris's CPU malfunctioned 2 years ago making him think he is black, likes rice and peas and can play basketball like a black guy).

Granmericus License V2