Cyber-Ock is the substance generated from the act of online binnicles. After element A discovered failbook it began commiting acts of binnicles and emitting high levels of Ock into cyber space. Cyber-Ock differs from regular ock in that it is not a physical substance and rather a hyper-electronOckic one. The particles that make up the ock matter structure are converted into electronic signals whenever element A ockulates all over element B's Wall.

Even at high levels, Cyber-Ock is harmless to most living things (and Chris). However once it manifests into a deadly computer virus it can escape from the CPU as super-charged Ock, literally melting the victim's hard drive and causing testicular aids to any man within a 500 mile radius. It is strongly advised to report any signs of cyber-ock to the Scientific Institute for Binnock-Ock immediately, proceed to shut down your computer, burn the mouse and keyboard and take a thorough shower to decontaminate yourself from any possible traces of lethal ock.

Granmericus License V2