Element A

Element A is the worst physical element known to man-kind. It is the soul perpetrator for the creation of binnicles and should be burned at the stake because of it. It has caused millions of innocent deaths and produced over 9000 a shit load of carbon mon-Ockcide into the atmosphere that is slowly killing the planet.

It is possible that element A didn't always be the binnicles commiting fiend it is today but little is known about element A before the introduction of element B. Some scientists believe that element A isn't naturally a half binary half predatorial ockmonster and that element B has made it this way.

Element A is known to be long in diameter and any non-furry cannot look directly at it's eyes for fear of catching the rapezoidz. Therefore, it has rarely been spotted and many sightings include it having wings, being made of wood, being it and being 100% butters.

A typical day in the life of element A

  1. Wake up
  2. Look at collage of element B
  3. Consume breakfast
  4. Stalk element B
  5. Find element B and begin producing Ock
  6. Get rejected
  7. Go home
  8. Fap to element B
  9. Consume moar 'food'
  10. Half a second revision
  11. Complain
  12. Fap to element B
  13. Look at pictures of element B
  14. Constantly text element B
  15. Fap to element B
  16. Constantly failbook element B
  17. Ride the failcopter
  18. Not exist
  19. Commit binnicles betrayal
  20. Sleep
  21. Fap in sleep
  22. ????
  23. PROFIT!!!
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