Failbook is a non-existant website which is used by numerous emos and Games Gees alike. Furfags at the Scientific Institute for Binnock-Ock have found trace amounts of win existing on Failbook in the past, however the incursion of Games Gee onto the site produced a frenzy of phail. Furthermore, Failbook chat is worthy of at least 2 lulz, because it is moar efficient than the elusive Microsoft MSFriends.

Relation to Binnicles

The only known use for failbook is to monitor levels of Ock generated over the internet also known as Cyber-Ock. The benefit of monitoring cyber-ock is that you are at a safe distance in the case of ock code red. However cyber-ock has been known to infect computers across the world with a deadly virus that destroys all your sperm and leaves you with testicular aids.

Failbook Vermin

These are an unknown species of things which somehow end up on a normal person's friends list, probably through hax0rz. They have no skin, conscience, education, life or soul, and so they are the equivalent to spending a day in it's shoes. If one of its alpha males tries to talk you to via Failbook Chat, it is advised you ignore it if you value your dignity.

Granmericus License V2