on the lookout for fail

The Failcopter is the aeronautical device used to find and remove any traces of fail that can't be reached on foot. It's distinct swoshing noise can be heard from over 9000 miles away and it's most frequent flyer is Scott Baker. If the failcopter is flying low you know that you've commited some sort of fail and will be evacuated from the area almost immediately. Once in the failcopter you will be anally raped by it's propellas and then dumped into the nearest landfill where you must find your own way home. It is still unknown as to where the failcopter sleeps at night. Some speculate that due to the extreme amounts of fail generated every day, it may just be running 24/7 flying from one fail to the next.

If one commits an act of extreme fail and wants to avoid the failcopter, the only known way is to find the nearest Brute and board it as fast as possible. Once on the Brute you will be safe as the failcopter would never dare to take on such a beast. Last Thursday a failcopter attempted this suicidal maneuver and was captured by the Brute, taken to Ballingotn and devoured by over 900,000 Brutes that currently reside there.

Its hobbies include watching you sleep and pretending its important, much like Santy Claus.

Granmericus License V2