Friends is the oldest joke known to man. So old that it's meaning has been lost and it's creater is now unknown. It was invented at least 100 years ago and was hugely successful during the war.

How to tell a Friends joke

It is believed that there were several variations of the friends joke however it is so ancient and anti-lulz that the information is subject to speculation.

One may initiate a friends joke in the event of someone failing or creating an awkward silence. e.g. - one says something unfunny and after the inevatible silence that follows another person may then initiate a friends joke by saying "friends?" in a loud and upward inflected fashion as if asking a question. In the old days this used to be seen as Win by primative humans.

Just before the joke was consumed by fail there became a new variant of the joke where people would take the word 'friends' and place it in any sentence replacing any noun, verb or adjective. e.g. - "what lesson have you got next? Friend Studies?". As you can see this is mostly likely what caused the instant death of a joke that was once made of Win.

Recent activity

Despite the ancient nature of the "joke", there are some non-existant specimens which consider it worthy enough to say and, in doing so, potentially destroying teh universe. One such perpetrator is the infamous ghey Games Gee. It has been observed to be DOING IT WRONG on over 9000 occasions by many scientists. In trying to revive a dead joke, It has been designated the most -ve win piece of shit since the war.

Famous Friends art

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