Generally is a bad joke and forced meme which was possibly invented at least 100 years before the war by either 410 Kareem or 358 Quasheem. It is now the basis for everything in teh universe, and those who don't follow it are doomed to be alone forever. It is a highly complicated sentence which takes years seconds of concentration to master.

The rule

There is a mathematical formula devised by Prof. Key and supervised by للإسلام باكستان:

\begin{equation} Generally, when (x), it means (y). \end{equation}

where x=event 1 & y=event 2


Artsy Farty Edition

When you feel like being more 1337 than usual, it is customary to follow the following Dogquation

\begin{equation} ArtFart = Generaaaagggghhhh \end{equation}

It is usually only used by french furfags.

Granmericus License V2