Langers Clangers

Langers Clangers is a name given to a group of non existant fiends which produce over 9000% of the world's fail. Apparently, they attend a school somewhere in teh universe, yet not one single normal person has ever seen this "school". A typical langer clanger has a Carol Anne Duffy-esque haircut, as well as large amounts of acne, baitness, goofy activities, uglyness and worst of all, stupid private jokes which results in -ve win. Therefore, any langers clangers spotted should be immediately exterminated with win dust, components of the brute or bombardments of men.

Alternative Names

There are some alternative names for Langers Clangers which derives from the latin Langtitius Clangikus :

  • Longers Clongers
  • Langers Bangers
  • Longers Bongers
  • Fangers Bangers
  • Langers Langers
  • Blangers Smackers
  • Longers Boggers
  • Clangers Langers

Conspiracy Theory

For a while, there was a popular theory that circled the interweb, that the famous 358 Quasheem had developed characteristics similar to that of a Langers Clanger. These proved to be untrue, as the specimen was only displaying harmless fiendish behaviour, which is dismissible with a quick brute kick.

It been suggested that this article is biased. Yes it is.

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