Learner drivers are people who are keen to persue the ancient art of drivving and pay a particularly 1337 drivver to teach them the ways of the automocar. Contrary to popular believe, learner drivers are actually the best drivers on the planet. They obey every rule of the road unlike licenced drivers, never overtake, never honk their horn and never try to pull off retarded driving stunts to impress their friends. So-called experienced drivers only get angry at learners because they feel the need to show off their bigger cars which overcompensate for their tiny penises.

Everytime a learner is seen, it is a custom for members of Ock City to recite the timely phrase "Learner Detected". This signifies they are at least 0.5% 1337 and probably not a furry.


Passers are the worst drivers on planet ock. Where learners lack experience but excel in safety and veterans excel in experience but lack safety, Passers lack both key skills. This is due to noob drivers failed attempts at mimicking the ways of their much more experienced superiors that have been on the road for over 9000 years. They are nowhere near as 1337 enough to pull off these Win maneuvers and instead frequently end up looking like the invalids that they actually are.

Granmericus License V2