Apple Macintoshs otherwise more commonly known as 'Macs' or 'Dogshit' are fail computers made by a Dyslexic company called Apple. They are used by individuals who like to pretend to be 'different', such as those people who attend Gay pride marches, or drink Carrot juice for dinner.

Special people

People who use Macs are indeed 'Special' people, which is why the Ockapedia foundation have bought them a one way ticket to Special school

Gay things

Macs have many gay things, these include:

  • Finder - Who's icon looks like a predator
  • The mouse - The mouse included with a Mac is designed to be pressed with a Penis

410 Kareem + Watre

Like Macs

410 Kareem's Dad a.k.a MacSnatcher

Kidnaps us innocent PC users and force feeds us Macs/Bungles us through his Mac-Compatible A1 Printer

How to spot MacSnatcher

  • Has ∫Φ Macs
  • Has ∫* iPods
  • Has $\frac{dy}{dx}$ Mac products
  • Was the first to get an n95 when they were 1337
  • Has a Jaguar
  • Has a Motorbike
  • Has an A1 Printer
  • Has an A3 Printer
  • Has an A4 Printer
  • Lives by a Brute bus stop
  • Has a Linux laptop
  • Has a Windows Vista laptop which is hidden away in 410 Kareem's playroom
  • Any PC User is consumed
  • Diagnoses 410 Kareem's auto-electrical problems before 358 Quasheem does

A new revelation

A new revelation has swept Ock Town to actually show that Macs are 1337 and that PCs are the ones that suck balls. For example, can your precious PCs do this on your 1337 white keyboard: ¿ Yeah, I thought not :).

Granmericus License V2