Scientific Institute For Binnock Ock
The exterior of the institute

The Scientific Institute for Binnock-Ock (established at least 100 years ago) is a facility located somewhere on the outskirts of Ock Town. It was created by 410 Kareem and 358 Quasheem after the creation of binnicles and the discovery of ock. It's purpose is to study the phenomenon known as binnacles in the pursuit of scientific understand on the universe and to help protect the public from dangerous levels of ock.

Achievements so far

  • Discovery of binnicles and ock matter
  • Finding the equation for measuring ock level in a given range
  • Sealing away the original pair of binoculars that could have the potential to destroy the universe
  • Discovery of element A and element B
  • Finding the equation for the creation of binnicles
  • Effectively preventing a worldwide Ock Code Red
  • Designing the Ockometre
  • Failing their A Levels / O-techs
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