Scott Baker

It is common knowledge that Scott Baker fails at life on several occasions.

His extensive amount of fail has been documented by a random Tree:

  1. thinks all fruit tastes like water
  2. thought the crystal palace still exists, it was actually kew gardens
  3. puts a billion exclaimation marks behind everything
  4. says "unpossible" without making a joke
  5. cant say differentiation
  6. cant handle women/ anything to do with the opposite sex
  7. the epic bird laugh
  8. listens and sings along to wrestling songs with his mum
  9. wants to be a wrestler named "bone sucker"
  10. throws and kicks …backwards
  11. thinks he is as tall as miles on his tip toes
  12. can't do accents
  13. joined in the slewing of himself
  14. rubbish at Japanese
  15. can't say integration
  16. gave contributions to his own fail list
  17. takes terrible photos
  18. faculty goal keeping fail
  19. actually implying that anything but the 410 could be a brute
  20. thinking that shakeaway= a donut
  21. existing
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