South Norwood
South Norwood high street

South Norwood is the worst place on the face of the planet. It produces so much fail it almost gives you aids just from looking in it's direction. It's mostly populated by Triple U-Tech invalids and chicken shlops (much to the delight of Games Gee). Every road in South Norwood is only wide enough to fit half a car down and the only parking spaces that don't cost over 9000 pence to park in or indeed exist at all are at least 347 miles away in Ock Town. Despite this, the only possible win to be considered is that the brute chooses it worthy to wreck havoc in / pollute.


Harris South Norwood institute of BTEC studies
Applied for "school for the mentally disabled" status in 1907 but was declined over 9000 times on a account of it's students being too retarded to be classed even as living things. It currently holds the record for the larget amount of ETEC courses in the solar system taking up 99% of the prospectus. The other 1% being drama which doesn't exist.

The Drivving Test Centre
Possibly the worst test centre in the galaxy, it has an average pass rate of 3% with the only fiends capable of braking the South Failwood mold being Key Vidol and 410 Kareem [NOT Mark]. Whilst many speculate that South Norwood Test Centre is OMG TOO HARD THE EXAMINERS ARE CORRUPT AND EVIL it has been proven that these people are un1337 invalids who stall automatics.

Possibly the only place worth mentioning in the whole region, Greggs sells confectionaries that are baked with Win and glazed in 1337ness. Many students from nearby Harris Ockademy frequently ride the Brute to this magical promise-land. It's best customer is Amal who faps to Greggs' donuts everyday even though he is incapable of consuming more than half a donut before feeling sick and dying on the floor.

Other attractive features of South Norwood include the delightful closed-down Blockbuster, the invalid Police Station, over 9000 chicken shlops and hairdressers, a fake Big Ben style clock tower, Somerfield and a hobo.

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