Watre Federation
Being a predator as usual

Tree (also known as Hilario Maker-Parke or Watre) is an unusually tall growth that acts as a predator to little kids similar to Amal only over 9000 times more bait. His hobbies include jacking off to Family Guy on a daily basis and possibily inventing the failcopter among other bad jokes. It's greatest only achievement in life is publishing the Scott Baker fail list on failbook for the world to see just how faily it is.

As well as perving on any little kids in its massive vicinity, it also sexually abuses jokes for cheap thrills. Prior to original beliefs, it only exists when there is something to hug in the area.

Tree is also a well known Shift/Caps-Lock key hater, and will write many long sentences on his dogputer without using a capital letter once.

It had a cameo in the Lord of the Rings, can you guess which character it was?

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