A troll engaged in some trollin

Trolls are one of the most Win producing species in the galaxy. Their soul purpose in life is to seek out epic lulz at the expensive of unsuspecting invalids. If you write articles for Ockapedia then chances are you are a troll.

Famous trolls include:

Don't Feed the Troll

Since a trolls only function is to troll others, in the event of being troll'd the most logical thing is to not act like a butt-hurt retard (a.k.a feeding the troll). It is common knowledge that trolls survive off of provoked reactions from their victims so if you maintain some sort of dignity in such a situation the troll will become enraged before starving to death and exploding all over your basement. Therefore you will have essentially troll'd the troll.

However many fuckstupid morons still continue to ignore this important advice. They are the reason why the amount of trolls this side of the border has doubled since the war.

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